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Why SensaSound

A Harmonious Team

SensaSound has closer business relationship with THX and Dolby as our business partners, leverages THX and Dolby’s latest technologies to guide our product design and development. Our harmonious team is like a big family where people have a great passion for audio innovations; we devote our talents to evoke senses, to enhance the user experience of listening and watching.

Top Quality

We are very honest in our material choices and pay special attention to every detail in design and manufacturing. Our production is guided by the world-class audio quality standards to produce top quality, beautiful products for our consumers to enjoy for many years to come.

Full Range of Products

SensaSound offers a wide range of products from classic and professional speakers, high-end powerful Amplifiers, All-in-One System and wireless speakers to professional high-end cables. These speakers and cables are  specially designed to work with each other to deliver maximum output with best acoustic performance.


American design, sensational sound and acoustic performance. Our design approach flows through all phases of product innovations, development and manufacturing to ensure we deliver products that naturally balanced to best reproduce sound that musician wanted to convey.

Affordable Prices

We adapt technology to fit our consumer needs, not the other way around. SensaSound aims to deliver the best-in-class products to the music lovers around the world with affordable price. We wanted life to be lived surround by sensational sound.

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