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V12SW is equipped with our state-of-the-art technologies; it is designed to deliver solid and deep bass to support any hi-fi or home theater systems. This Subwoofer utilizes a 400 watts Class D amplifier with high effectiveness of power supply, very low-level heat emission to guarantee the highly safety of the circuits. Unlike traditional subwoofers, this 12” unit offers advanced polypropylene bass cone, which is distinguished by its high rigidity and low mass driver, making V12SW full of precision with very low distortion even at extreme listening levels. 

V12SW adopts a front-firing design with a ported driver at the base to produce a very deep and explosive bass output. The High Density Fiberboard (HDF) enclosures successfully reduce cabinet vibrations and resonance to deliver the bass with a vanishingly low distortion. 

Additionally, this V12SW supports wireless function with a TX-C600 transmitter. It can be connected with the audio source wirelessly to rescue you out from the intricate cable nets. The V12SW will undoubtedly add solid, deep, room-shaking bass to elaborate the experience of your listening and movie watching.  

Advanced 12" Front-Firing Polypropylene Bass Cones

This bass driver features its rigidity to endure extreme-level driver movement and impacts, it can deliver a solid and deep bass with no distortion.

Wireless Connection with TX-C600 Transmitter

V12SW is designed and built with the wireless function combined with our TX-C600 transmitter. Your subwoofer can boost a flexible placement and free of cable constraint.

400 Watts Class D Power Amplifier

V12SW uses an efficient 400 watts class D amplifier with a high current switching power supply. This allows maximum performance output with very low heat emission.

Advanced Rubber and Butyl Suspension

The rubber and butyl suspension ensures smooth response, deeper and louder bass performance and ideal linearity.

Anti-Resonant HDF Cabinet

V12SW cabinet is made of solid High Density Fiberboard (HDF) to guarantee that the cabinet is perfectly free of any unwanted vibrations.


Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 150Hz
Max Power 400W
Woofer Advanced 12" Polypropylene Bass Cones
Type Low-Frequency reflex Subwoofer
Amplifier Type Class D (Digital) Amplifier
Dimensions (W*H*D) 14.2”*15.0”*14.2”(36cm*38cm*36cm)          
Weight 35.2 lbs (16 Kg)

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