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SensaSound S-C500-16/2 speaker flat cable is designed with white PVC insulation layer. It is highly tough and durable and is ideal for high-end audio engineering and home theater installation. S-C500-16/2 supports a high-quality transmission for all kinds of signals: even if the distance more than 200 meters there almost hasn’t any transmission loss.


Conductor: 2 * 16AWG oxygen-free copper

Each conductor: 76 pieces of cooper strands/ 16AWG

Copper Wire Diameter: 0.13mm

Package: tape & reel



SensaSound S-C700-16/4 Speaker cable is designed with the most advanced DMHC-Duos technology, which features a complex structure of multiple conductors. The positive and negative poles are completely independent in order to transmit the high current and complex audio data. This structure can definitely strengthen the inductance, capacitance and spectrum to a better physical property.


Conductor: 4 * 16AWG oxygen-free copper

Insulation: nylon mesh

Package: tape & reel

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