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P50/60-3D Sound

Nowadays the Soundbar system becomes more and more popular as one of the best choice for Living Room Theater System’s solutions. While a high quality TV provides great visuals, the increasingly thin displays leave less room for high quality speakers. The Soundbar technology resolves the problem with unique features, as it is sleek and can perfectly fit your modern televisions with compact form and convenient installation, plus dramatically improve your home movie experience with awesome sound.

The SensaSound takes the Soundbar to a next level by designing the P50/60-3D SOUND “All-in-One” as a smart Soundbar system. It has built-in amplifier as active speakers, plug it into your television, turn it on, and hear the sensational sound as your traditional 5.1 home theater system does.

This P50/60-3D SOUND, a smart Soundbar system offers an advanced built-in digital decoder and is capable of playing multi-channel source contents such as those from Blu-ray, DVD player, media streamer, etc. The SensaSound P50/60-3D SOUND Soundbar has many capabilities and functionalities: Class-D amplifier for dynamic sound performance; Virtual Surround processing provides enhanced audio fidelity, consistent volume levels, and surround quality audio; built-in Bluetooth, so you can conveniently stream your music wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or a PC computer to this smart Soundbar system; It comes with an IR remote control for wireless operation.


Easy Placement to Living Room Space

With P50/60-3D SOUND, you can easily build your home theater system just in a few minutes! You can directly place it on your TV table or mount it on to the wall. The elegant matt black finish perfectly fits in with most decors. You don’t need to buy extra home theater equipment such as pre-amplifier, power amplifier, and complex wiring. The SensaSound smart Soundbar system is “All-in-One”!

Multiple Input Options

P50/60-3D SOUND has multiple input options: 1 pair of optical inputs, 1 pair of RCA input, 1 coaxial input and 1 bluetooth input. This ensures a high-quality transmission from source components to P50/60-3D SOUND.

Advanced Dolby Digital and DTS Decoder

P50/60-3D SOUND has advanced built-in Dolby digital and DTS decoder and is capable of playing multi-channel signals such as those from Blu-ray, DVD player, game console, media streamer. The advanced digital signal processing ability makes P50/60-3D SOUND a real “All-in-One” smart Soundbar system.

Outstanding Sound Quality

P50/60-3D SOUND has seven independent channels and each channel is drived by a Class D amplifier. This ensures a very high efficiency and extremely low distortion. The three 1”silk dome tweeter delivers smooth and natural sound and four 4”Propene Polymer Cone brings a flat frequency response. A tonal balance is perfectly achieved.

5.1 Home Theater Performance

P50/60-3D SOUND has seven independent channels configured the L-C-R system and use advanced virtual surround technology to perform surround performance. Plus the internal bass channel this compact soundbar can fulfill the function as a traditional 5.1 home theater system does but with a much minimalist form and higher efficiency.

Wireless Connection to Subwoofer

P50/60-3D SOUND has its internal low-frequency system that can produce the sound down to 40Hz. The LF extension with an external subwoofer can down to 30Hz. We recommend you use SensaSound’s wireless subwoofer that best match P50/60-3D SOUND for a more deep bass performance. P50/60-3D SOUND has a built-in wireless transmitter and can be wireless connected with any kind of subwoofer by using its wireless receiver RX-PB.

IR Remote Control

In addition to panel-control, P50/60-3D SOUND also provides IR remote control for a flexible operation. You only need to click one button to access into some important functions such as “Bluetooth”, “Movie model”, “Music model”, etc.

High Frequency Driver 1” silk dome tweeter * 3
Midrange / Bass Driver 4” Propene Polymer Cone * 4
Crossover Digital 3rd-order @2 kHz; digital 2nd order @80 Hz
Sensitivity 90dB
Amplifier Power 50W * 7 channels (Peak)
25W * 7 channels (RMS)
LF Extension 30 Hz
Frequency Response 40 Hz – 20 kHz / per channel

Digital optical * 2; Digital coaxial * 1;

Analog RCA * 1; Bluetooth * 1

P50-3D Sound(W*H*D)

(Size & Weight)

44.1” * 5.9” * 5.0” (112*15*12.5cm) 

22lb/10 kg

P60-3D SOUND(W*H*D) 

(Size & Weight)

53.7” * 5.9” * 5.0” (136.5*15*12.8cm)

23.9lb/10.85 kg

Finish Matt Black

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