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SensaSound's Innovative engineering and intelligent design come together in the THX Ultra-certified TP900SS surround home theater speakers. Acoustically voiced to blend seamlessly with all models in the SensaSound THX series speaker lines, the TP900SS surround speaker deeply immerses you in the onscreen action by conveying a massive soundstage and rendering the smallest details with pinpoint clarity and spatial imaging. The THX Ultra-certified TP900SS uses monopole woofer with dipolar tweeters surround speaker is specially tuned crossover for optimally diffuse sound emission according to the THX Ultra strict requirements, and it is designed for authentic cinema sound! All of the chassis have been specially developed for the TP900SS set in order to meet the very strict requirements of the THX Ultra standard.

Deliver a THX certified speaker is in our DNA. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to perfecting the path between the original performance and the sound that emerges from a loudspeaker. To achieve this, every single component of every SensaSound product is meticulously selected and engineered to maintain the integrity of the THX certification requirement level throughout the chain.

TP900SS passed over 500 THX laboratory tests ensure full impact experiences in living rooms and home theaters of all sizes; THX Reference Level matches the exact volume level used in the mix room by the sound designer so that you hear precisely what the artist hears; Every Seat is the Best Seat, the THX Certified TP900SS speakers feature controlled directivity evenly distributing sound for a full sound stage everyone in the room can enjoy.

Monopole woofer with dipolar tweeters

Critically damped woofer (Qtc=0.7)
Frequency response 60Hz- 20kHz
High frequency on axis null from 2.5kHz to 20kHz for ambient dispersed surround applications
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms


Frequency Response

60 Hz ~ 20 KHz
Impedance 8 Ohms
Crossover 1.8K Hz
Sensitivity 88dB
Recommend Power 60W


1'' Silk-dome
Woofer 6.5'' P.P Cone
Enclosure Type

Sealed Enclosure




16.31lbs (7.4 Kg)

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